How to get rid of Rats?

Rodents are included in the list of most destructive mammalsrodent for humans. These mammals consume anything that will satisfy their hunger. The most favourite places of these mammals are the hidden spaces and corners in a residential or commercial establishment that are difficult to get rid of them. Such rats are well known as carriers of dangerous diseases and pathogens that can kill several people in just a few weeks. Rodent Control from professional pest controller to make sure that their residential or commercial establishments and family members are well protected.

Residential Rodent Control

When there is a rodent infestation, the personal belongings and health of its occupants are in danger. Remember that rodents will eat or destroy anything that can be destroy by their strong filthy teeth.

House rats caught in a Sticky glue trap


Rodent Control can eliminate Norway rat and House rat with the use of repellents, mechanical traps, rodent baits and other innovative rodent control techniques that will surely stop such rodents from entering a residential or a commercial establishment. It starts with an extensive on-site inspection to trace the areas where the rodents are coming and staying. Then, an initial flush out method will be conducted if the areas where the rodents are harboring were already determined. The purpose of the initial flush out is to eliminate the rodents and sanitise the rodents harborage areas to make it safe and accessible for human beings.

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