Cockroach Control in Singapore


Cockroaches are known to transmit disease pathogens that cause diarrhoea, typhoid fever, dysentery, and food poisoning. Cockroaches emit allergens that worsen asthma symptoms, especially to children. Moreover, cockroach creates the perception that infested homes or businesses are dirty and disgusting. This reputation can have a devastating effect on Food and Beverage sales, on a hotel occupancy rate, tour bus operators, restaurant owners business and a homeowner’s self-esteem.

Life Cycle and Types of Cockroaches

In urbanised society, cockroaches are distant insects. Cockroaches have medium sizes and flat bodies with mid portion like pronotum and long antennae. As for adult cockroaches, they have wings. Cockroaches are also known as nocturnal insects seen at night.

Six common species inhabit most buildings where foods are prepared or stored. They are Oriental, German, Turkestan, American, smoky brown and brown banded cockroaches. German cockroaches are commonly known as indoor species. They usually thrive on food, humid warm and water areas. Female cockroaches reproduce for almost thirty-thousand cockroaches. Naturally, a humid and warm household conducive for a cockroach infestation.

How to get rid of Cockroaches?

At EndTimesPest, our Cockroach Baiting system is safe and highly effective in the sensitive environment such as Restaurant, Private club, Foodcourt, Hospital, School, Child-care facility, Elder-care home and Food preparation outlets.  We only apply good quality Cockroach Baits to achieve a clean and high level of safety for your family, staff and your pets. Our roach baits are so attractive and powerful, it kills cockroaches faster, and you will even experience the result on the same day. Our Cockroach management programs have proven to be very successful with our various clients in Singapore.

Residual Insecticide Spraying for Cockroach Control
At EndTimesPest, when we apply pesticide for cockroach management, it’ll depend on the cockroach species, population size, cockroach harborage areas and the types of building. We’ll only use insecticide residual spraying and cockroach fumigants when it’s necessary to suppress a high population of cockroach infestation for immediate results in your property.

Safe and Secure Pest Control Services
We’re also professionally trained and certified to execute Hazardous Substances for immediate or emergency pest control services. At EndTimesPest, we provide safe solutions by using latest revolutionary pest control products that are highly useful for managing a broad range of both indoor and outdoor pests in your property. Safety is one of our most important priorities, whenever our specialist conducts pest control services in your property. When we apply pest control products such as cockroach bait, it‘ll be placed precisely onto targeted potential habitats and harborage areas which will be out of reach of your family, staff and your pets.

Also, you get many benefits including:
• Safe and secure services
• Faster response in urgent situation
• Professional services made affordably
• Guaranteed professional pest control services
• Proven field performances with immediate results
• Added value services without the additional charges

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