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Pigeon Control in Singapore

Pigeons can actually make intelligent and fun companion. However, they can also pose many problems in every home or office. Their droppings can bring damages to paint-works that can leave you with a very unwelcome mess. Aside from being so messy, their droppings are also very unsightly. These may also bring health risks to you and your family because some of them carry disease through their droppings. Also, anyone who lives in proximity to pigeons can become a victim of some very annoying pests such as Bird Mites.

Bird mites are actually parasites that feed on bird blood and are using their nests as a breeding place. They bear 8 legs, ovoid in shape and they have short hairs all over their bodies. Since they are very semitransparent and are very small, infestations may actually thrive for some time even before identification. These pests can tremendously endanger the health of an affected bird and these may also cause skin irritation in people. They attack humans which can really be dangerous for them.

Bird Repellent Gel made Simple with Reasonable Prices

At EndTimesPest, we have the solution to get rid of Birds especially Pigeon, Mynah, Starling, Sparrow, Crow, Bats, Seagull but not Eagle lol.

The Bird Repellent as a Gel type consists, of Pennyroyal / Peppermint oil (9%-13%) is to maximize the repellent effect and to last for a longer period of time as compared to other Gel types. The Bird Repellent Gel has been Tested and Proven to withstand High Temperatures, Sunlight, Heavy rain-falls, as compared to other Gel types.

Pigeon Control in Singapore

• It is designed to be safe for both human and birds. It doesn’t harm any birds including Crows, Seagull, Sparrow, Starlings, Pigeons, and Swallows etc.

• Applicable in a variety of places and effective even for sites with a large number of birds.

• Absolutely the most effective and long-lasting bird gel with the greatest percent of active repellent ingredients.

• Strong and durable against external environments like rain, strong wind, temperature, and Sunlight etc.

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