Ants Control


Common Household Ants

An ant is a part of the subgroup in the order of Hymenoptera that includes bees and wasps. Most of the species are differentiated by two segments which separate (mesosoma) or the middle part of the body in the main area of abdomen (gaster). In fact, there are fifteen thousand described species around the world. They are mostly found on warm and moist habitats.

Life Cycle

In regard with life cycle, there are mainly four stages such as adult, pupa, larva and egg. The life cycle often lasts for about six to ten weeks. Other queen ants thrive for twenty-nine years while worker ants shortly live for seven years. As for male ants, they live only for several weeks and then die after their mating seasons.

Social Structure and Food

Ants are also known to many as social insects. They live in colonies that range from one-hundred to even million species. As for their colony, it may consist of wingless females or workers, males, and queens.

Male ants usually fly in most swarms and have wings. After they undergo a mating process, the queens go down the ground. They also break off or chew their wings and burrow a hole to where they can put their eggs. Afterwards, they start in creating a colony. Female ants are produced from fertilized eggs- workers and queens. On the other hand, male ants are produced from unfertilized eggs.


Ants are considered as general predators and scavenger. They eat sugar, protein, oils, and fats. They carried back their solid food for their larvae in the colony. Other species also have their strong preference or liking on sweet foods. Other large-headed species usually prefer oily and fatty foods.

Options for Ant Control

Implementing ant control is often necessary and easy.  There are simple options or methods to consider such as ingredients or natural materials. Spices and herbs can also be used but only on minor infestations.

On the other hand, there are aggressive ant treatment plans for large colonies. These are effective against their build-up on building that compromise safety and health. Although these colonies are visible, they may sometimes exist beyond their sight. Thus, it is good and work well with a professional that has the expertise and tools for the business or home inspection.

Ant’s Feeding on Gel Baits

ants-feedingEndTimesPest uses gel baiting because the ants carry the bait to their nest, eventually killing all individual ants and the queens at their colony. In fact, gel baiting is proven to be a safe and effective Ant’s management. These are a part of the techniques involved in ant control. They are tested and proven to be useful in the complete elimination of ants. Although colonies are resilient, they can still be remedied by inspections and treatments from EndTimesPest, leaving buildings and places free from ants!

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